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Turkish Cotton Love

Die Besonderheiten unserer türkischen Baumwolle

For decades, Turkish cotton fields have been associated with a heritage that carries the feelings of farmers and their attachment to their land and people Thus, Turkish cotton is known for its high quality. Turkey exports cotton to the whole world, where it is being repurposed into clothing, blankets, towels, or shawls. We then enjoy its softness and absorbency, when it keeps us warm and cozy.


How does cotton grow?

Cotton grows best in temperate climates, rainy in winter and dry in summer, the optimum temperature for the plant to emerge above the soil surface ranges between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius. The actual cotton plant begins to appear five to seven days after sowing the seeds. The first flower buds show after five to seven weeks, depending on the nature and temperature of the land. After the flower buds open, they drop onto earth as little flowers, leaving behind a boll with seeds.

Cotton Flower Bud

Why we love cotton

Cotton is hypoallergenic since it is not mixed with any synthetic material. That’s why it won’t cause any rash, allergies, or any other skin problems. The lightweight texture of cotton is characterized by its breathable fabric and by the fact that bacteria and odors are not easily absorbed by cotton. This makes your blanket enduring and very resistant. You will have it for years, and its shape will not degenerate - on the contrary: It will only become softer and the fabric won’t wear out. 

Tamy on a Cotton Field


Your piece is handmade by one of our 23 women partners. It is not just another unit from a massive factory but it is rather designed and crafted only for YOU!

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Local to Global

Although our production is local, we aim to share our work with the world. Tayf products are now available in over 30 stores across the EU & USA.

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We offer B2B, B2C, and dropshipping models. You share our values and got an idea? Let's do it together!

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