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Who is Tayf?

Tayf in Arabic means "spectrum" or "variety of things". On our trip through Turkey, we discovered this variety of things: the azure blue water just a few hours away from rugged mountains, small quaint villages next to metropolises of millions, dancing on the beach and self-discovery while hiking through forests, bathing in hot springs or walking in the snow. But one thing always remained the same - the warmth of the people. Our blankets and towels reflect this beauty and diversity and bring a piece of Turkey to your home. We source our blankets and towels from Pamukkale, a place in Western Turkey known for its high quality cotton. It is important to us that our store contains products that are not only of good quality, but whose production is based on humanity, trust, and sustainability.


Your piece is handmade by one of our 23 women partners. It is not just another unit from a massive factory but it is rather designed and crafted only for YOU!

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Local to Global

Although our production is local, we aim to share our work with the world. Tayf products are now available in over 30 stores across the EU & USA.

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We offer B2B, B2C, and dropshipping models. You share our values and got an idea? Let's do it together!

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We're always happy to share our experiences with other young start-ups - we know what challenges you're currently facing and would love to help you!

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