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Zero Waste Products

Our Zero Waste kitchen sponges, shower scrubs and face rounds are all made from untreated cotton or jute and are handmade by our women partners in western Turkey. They are washable, reusable and last up to a year with proper care. Find your green alternative to everyday plastic products. 

Available in many colors, patterns and quantities. Contribute to more sustainability in our everyday life 🧡


Your piece is handmade by one of our 23 women partners. It is not just another unit from a massive factory but it is rather designed and crafted only for YOU!

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Local to Global

Although our production is local, we aim to share our work with the world. Tayf products are now available in over 30 stores across the EU & USA.

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We offer B2B, B2C, and dropshipping models. You share our values and got an idea? Let's do it together!

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We're always happy to share our experiences with other young start-ups - we know what challenges you're currently facing and would love to help you!

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