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Care Instructions

How to take care of your blankets & towels



Before you put your product in the washing machine for the first time, it is best to soak it in cold water for a few hours. Since the fibers are stretched considerably when cotton is woven, washing in warm water can cause the garment to shrink as a result of the fibers contracting again. However, if you place your cloth in cold water, the fibers swell and retain their length, even if they come into contact with warm water afterwards. This also makes the towels more absorbent and softer with each wash. 

After that, when you put your blanket or towel in the washing machine using a gentle program (30 degrees/wool is best) it is best not to use fabric softener, so that the absorbency is maintained (fabric softener is not good for the environment anyway, so get rid of that habit!). Make sure you don't wash your delicate fabrics with clothes they can get tangled with. When drying, it's best to use the good old clothes horse, as this will save energy and keeps your products in good shape in the long run. 



Your piece is handmade by one of our 23 women partners. It is not just another unit from a massive factory but it is rather designed and crafted only for YOU!

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Local to Global

Although our production is local, we aim to share our work with the world. Tayf products are now available in over 30 stores across the EU & USA.

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We offer B2B, B2C, and dropshipping models. You share our values and got an idea? Let's do it together!

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